2. Disclosure actions
3. Management Actions
  • F1.- Management of SOMACyL project: Management and technical coordination of the project.
  • F2.- Management of the JCyL project: Coordination and integration in the Natura 2000 Network management at the regional level.
  • F3.- Management for  CHD project: Coordination and integration in hydrological management at watershed level.
  • F4.- Management of the MARM project: Coordination and integration in Natura 2000 network management at state level.
  • F5.- Management of the FPN project: Communication, coordination and project management support.
  • F6.- Management Committee.
  • F7.- Scientific Committee.
  • F8.- Participation, Communication, Training and Awareness Committee.
  • F9.- Financial audit.
  • F10.- Establishment of a network for communication with other projects.
  • F11.- Plan for post-LIFE actions.